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Schedule of Speakers

The Robert E. Lee Civil War Round Table of Central New Jersey

Invites You to Join Its Ranks


9-5-19   Allen Thompson Capt. Johnston’s 7/2/63 Reconnaissance

10-7-19  Mike Smith General John Buford              

11-4-19  Paul Martin TBD

12-2-19  Pat Schuber 1862 Sioux Uprising

1-13-20  Bob Jorgensen Federal River Crossing at Fredericksburg

2-3-20   Rick Trimble The Curious Life of John C. Fremont

3-2-20   Paul Bretzger Hancock at Gettysburg

4-6-20   Joel Craig Anaconda Plan

5-4-20   Paul Lubrecht Carl Schurz

6-1-20   TBD

7-2-20   Members Night

8-6-20   Ed Root Remember Me! 








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